Ex-Wife of Ted Williams Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to the ex-wife of the homeless man who became an overnight sensation with his golden voice.

She's the ex-wife of the man with the golden pipes, and now Patricia Kirtley is breaking her silence, exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

"This is his second chance," said Kirtley.

Kirtley was married to Ted Williams for 17 years and together they raised 6 children—4 girls and 2 boys. She says she's thrilled by her ex-husband's stunning turn around, from homelessness to overnight sensation.

"We're very proud. We support you. Our prayers are with you. Just stay grounded," said Kirtley.

Kirtley understands the national facination with Ted's golden voice. She says she fell in love with him at first sound after hearing his velvety smooth voice when she was 18.

"He was very cordial. Very mannerable, and had a very nice voice," said Kirtley.

But Patricia says their marriage collapsed along with his promising career as a radio DJ after he got his first taste of success in Colombous, Ohio in the 1980's.

"As things escalated, it kind of got into a whirlwind. He just got caught up," said Kirtley.

Patricia says she has some concerns about Ted's instant celebrity. Despite their troubled past, she's rooting for ted to find golden success with that golden voice.

Kirtely said, "He can do this and I really hope that he is going to be successful."