See the Unbelievable Moment Massive Eagle Tries to Fly Away With a Little Boy

An Australia boy was enjoying a wildlife show when an eagle took a dislike to him, giving everyone a serious scare.

A perfectly timed photo shows the moment a massive bird of prey tried flying off with a little boy in Australia.

The boy, who is believed to be around age 7, was watching a wildlife demonstration at Alice Springs Desert Park when the astonishing encounter occurred. 

As onlookers watched in shock, the wedge-tailed eagle swooped down from a tree and planted its talons in the boy's face, trying to drag him away.

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A witness said the bird seemed to become agitated as the boy fidgeted. 

"He was wearing this hoodie and pulling the zip up and down," photographer Christine O'Connell said. "The bird noticed the sound and seemed to think, because of the strange noise, that the boy was prey."

While the apparent attack was over in seconds, the terrified child was left with a bloody, scratched face, O'Connell said. 

The crowd of some 70 people evacuated after the incident and handlers rushed away with the bird.

"He was crying and screaming very loudly. While they carried the eagle off, you could see blood on the little boy's face," O'Connell said. "Everyone was shell-shocked."

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The park did not confirm what prompted the attack.

The Australian Northern Territory government has launched an investigation and said it is the first time an audience member has been attacked at a show. 

The wedge-tailed eagle has a wing span of about 2.3 meters and is one of the largest eagles on Earth. 

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