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An Eyeful of the Storm: Brave Woman Poses in Front of Tornado For Shocking Images

Elisabeth Brentano has always dreamed of taking a photo in front of a twister.

One brave woman stood in front of the wicked and wild wind of nature’s fury for a series of photographs in front of towering tornados in Kansas.

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Elisabeth Brentano fearlessly posed in a wheat field, wearing a white billowy dress, as a funnel cloud loomed before her.

“The photo does look a bit scary,” she told Inside Edition.

She is not a professional model but actually a storm chaser. Fellow storm chaser Mike Mezeul helped her get the shot in Dodge City, Kansas, this past spring.

Brentano posted the spellbinding images on Instagram after she returned from her adventure.


Back in California for a few days, but still thinking about all the crazy storms I chased this week in Kansas with @mikemezphoto and @misterdylan87. Shooting this kind of alien landscape was a dream come true, but I would have been just as happy watching the sky dance in circles without a camera. I feel lucky to have seen not one but several tornadoes in the span of an hour, but it’s a rather bittersweet thrill when you consider how destructive these incredible forces of nature can be. Far too many people lose their homes and lives every year because of tornadoes, and the number of chasers out there is a bit shocking. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I never would have attempted to get this close to severe weather had I not been in the company of pros. Mike has over 15 years of experience shooting storms, and Dylan is a meteorologist, so in addition to a lot of driving, jokes and Snapchatting, even more time was spent analyzing data and discussing safety. Not just the safety of those in our car, but the safety of others on the road and folks in surrounding towns. Nature is an awesome thing, but we have to remember to respect her — and look out for one another.

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“To get her safely in front of a tornado, is pretty hard to do,” he said.

The duo spent a week on the road driving around Kansas waiting for a tornado to strike. When they found it, they had to move quickly.

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"From a storm chaser’s point of view, it was the perfect storm, because you got to observe Mother Nature doing her thing, without anybody ever being threatened," he said.

She added: “Being that close in the photo wasn't that scary to me. I couldn't really hear it yet, you couldn't really feel it. You could feel the wind blowing, but it was still very beautiful, almost serene.”

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