Footage Captures 'Crab Selfie' From GoPro Lost at Bottom of Lake

A British fisherman and his sister, who thought they were just snagged on a rock, caught quite a surprise when they reeled in a GoPro camera.

A British fisherman and his sister, who thought they were just snagged on a rock, caught quite a surprise when they reeled in a GoPro camera covered in barnacles from the bottom of a lake. 

YouTuber Dan Rose was able to access the final moments from the stunningly undamaged SD card on the camera, which included images of a crab apparently posing for a selfie.

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In an attempt to find the camera’s owner, Rose put together a video of the footage, which was later posted to Reddit where it quickly became an internet sensation.

"When I woke up I straight away checked the video to see if anything had happened, unknowingly a friend of mine had already posted it to Reddit. It was on the front page! It was a dream come true as there were already 30,000 hits and counting," Rose said.

The post has since received more than 2.5 million views, and reveals footage of a man facing a woman in a wetsuit before doing a backflip off a pier, which caused the GoPro to dislodge from its head strap and sink to the murky lake floor. 

That man, 17-year-old Joshua White from Northamptonshire, England, thought the action camera, which he had received as a birthday present, was gone forever, until his uncle called him after seeing the viral video, and recognized the boy’s friend in the wetsuit.

“I was out with my dad and my uncle rang me up saying that somebody had fished it up and posted the footage on YouTube, at which point it had 300,000 views. My initial reaction was just insane because I never thought it would be recovered nor did I think that it would have that many views,” White told

Rose is attempting to repair the device, which was covered in barnacles and flooded with water upon it’s discovery, and has spoken with Joshua to make plans to return the camera.

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“I told Josh that his camera was ruined and I would keep trying to repair it. He was so happy that I found it that he offered for me to keep it but I really wanted to give it to him,” Rose said.

Until then, White is just happy to know his camera has been found, and that someone was kind enough to go to the trouble to return it.

“It really does send a message out to the public that anything is possible. Even when you think something has been lost it can always possibly get back to you. It really shows how honest and kind people can be,” White told 

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