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Boy, 2, Mimics 'Rocky II,' Proves He Has The Best Moves in the Ring

The Ohio boy will skip rope, jog in place, and even do one-armed push-ups before running laps around the house, as Rocky plays in the background.

If you think Rocky was the best boxer in the ring, wait until you check out this 2-year-old's moves.

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Every morning, Charlie Magilavy of Ohio prepares for his day with a routine straight out of Rocky II.

In fact, his father, Zack Magilavy, will turn on the movie's training montage, and little Charlie will reenact the whole thing.

Magilavy even recorded his 2-year-old pretending to skip rope, jog in place, and even do one-armed push-ups, just like the champ.

Then, as Rocky goes for a run in the next scene, Charlie would follow suit.

"He'd spend 15 minutes running laps around the house, saying he was running like Rocky," Magilavy joked. "He's constantly running. He's nuts."

Magilavy told that his son's obsession with Rocky all started about eight months ago, when he was watching the boxing saga on TV in the living room, and his wife put Charlie on his lap.

"He was automatically hooked," Magilavy said. "He asked to watch it again so I rewound it."

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Eventually, watching Rocky II became part of their routine.

Every morning, Charlie wakes up and watches cartoons. Then, he would ask to watch Rocky II before starting his day.

Over time, Charlie started putting moves to the montage until he learned the whole training sequence by heart.

"We never thought he'd put that all together," his shocked dad said.

Even Rocky himself, aka Sylvester Stallone, seems to be impressed.


This kid makes me so proud that it touches A heart so young … Maybe I have to fight him and ROCKY 10 !!!

A video posted by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on

Charlie is part of a long line of boys in their family with a Rocky obsession.

Magilavy said his dad is a die-hard fan of the series, and passed on the obsession to him and his three older brothers.

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Though the movie is rated PG, Magilavy said he only allows his little boy watch the training montages, and stops the movie before the fight scenes.

But, the proud dad can't wait until Charlie's ready to see the full movie: "I'm kind of trying to pass that down to the next generation."

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