This Pup Looks So Doggone Happy After Being Saved From 200-Foot Ravine

One dog is recovering well after falling 100 feet down a 200-foot ravine in California.

A 3-month-old German shepherd was all smiles Tuesday after being rescued from a 200-foot ravine in California.

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The unnamed pup, which was considered a stray, fell 100 feet down the ravine and held on to a bush on the steep hill, according to San Diego County.

The dog’s cries for help could be heard from the edge of the ravine in Pauma Valley, where Animal Control Officer Denise Gove came to the rescue.

Images via County of San Diego

Gove, a member of the San Diego County Animal Response Team, was called to the scene to save the dog. The rescuer faced difficulty as she rappelled and meandered down the steep incline.

“[The puppy] clung onto that bush until Officer Gove dropped from the sky to rescue," Lt. Loren Bunnell of SDCART said.

Had the puppy fallen to the bottom of the ravine it would have died.

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Gove was successful in saving the dog and when they came back to the top of the edge, the pooch looked as if she was smiling.

An animal control officer rappelled down a ravine to rescue this young pup. #skills

July 12, 2016

“I really didn’t realize the enormity of the situation until I saw the photos afterwards,” Lt. Bunnell said.

The dog is currently being cared for at the county’s animal care center and will be placed up for adoption on July 15.

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