Baby Raccoon Discovered in Walls of Couple's Home Become Newest Addition to Their Family

Some people think of raccoons as pests to the home, but ever since this couple found one lurking in their walls, they have taken to calling him family.

While many homeowners regard raccoons as scavenging pests, one Arkansas couple has taken to calling one family.

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Britney Cusanek, 29, told that ever since she and her fiancé moved into their Fayetteville home, they have been hearing noises in their attic.

"At first we thought maybe they were birds or squirrels," she said, until they discovered a "nest of raccoons living up there. We kind of hear them scratching around."

She let the animals be, but weeks later, she said she heard noises that began to worry her.

"It sounded like a scream, and frantic behavior up in the attic," she said. "I was in the living room, and I could hear little noises whimpering in one of the walls in the closet. At a certain point, I realized a baby had fallen down into this wall and couldn't get out."

Cusanek then took it upon herself to rip out a piece of the wall, and pull the baby raccoon to safety.

"He had barely opened his eyes when we got him," she recalled. "He could barely walk."

Even though she was hesitant to keep baby in their home when its family left the attic soon after, her fiancé insisted they keep him. Soon, Leroy Brown the baby raccoon became an irreplaceable member of their family.

From road trips, to camping trips, to visits to the park, Cusanek said they treat Leroy Brown no differently than their dog.

In the begining, she fed the raccoon cat formula to wean him off his mother's milk. Now, Leroy Brown eats fruits and nuts, since their vet warns them that any other diet could risk obesity.

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She said the raccoon is going through his "puppy stage," where he is becoming more active and biting more often. But, Cusanek said she hopes Leroy Brown will soon get over the phase, and has even begun to potty train the newest addition to their family.

They have even discussed vaccination and neutering with a veterinarian.

"Our life has definitely changed, but I don't regret it," she said. "It's hard at times, but he's like our kid now."

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