Ted Williams Reunites with Mother

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville sits down with former homeless man Ted Williams and his mother as they reunite after 10 years apart, and share the thrill of his overnight success.

He's the man with the golden voice, but that voice did crack upon his emotional reunion with his mother after 10 long years.

And now, there's so much happening to Ted Williams that the man whose voice has carried him from from homelessness to stardom can barely get his head around it.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville said, "I cannot even imagine what the last three days have been like for you."

Ted said, "A whirlwind. A tornado!"

The first voice-over work of Ted's amazing comeback is a Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial that he shot Thursday. It will air on ESPN this Sunday.

He'll also be the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Ted is already so famous that David Letterman didn't even refer to him by name in his monologue, saying, "Good evening, I'm David Letterman, the man with the golden voice."

How desperate was Ted Williams when he was homeless? A court document obtained by INSIDE EDITION shows that just last May, Ted was charged with stealing personal grooming items valued at $33.02 including toothpaste and a razor from a pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio. His criminal past is non secret.

Norville asked, "Had you given up hope?"

"At one point, Deborah, yes," said Ted.

Noville asked Ted, "How will you protect yourself so you don't backslide from sobriety?"

Ted replied, "I have to be cautious about temptations and surround myself with people trying to achieve the same goals I have, to stay clean, one day at a time."

His 90-year-old mother, Julia Williams, is still overwhemled by their heartwarming reunion.

She has this advice for Ted, "Just take something plain. Don't go for millions and millions of dollars. Do it well and be happy with it. All these other things? Please."

But first, Ted wants to make amends with his many children and grandchildren.

Norville asked, "What message do you have for them?"

"I've loved you guys and prayed for you all along. But I'm sorry I brought a lot of hurt and distrust to all of you. I've got some making up to do for you guys," said Ted.