Passerby Films Cop Shooting Hoops With Kids: 'I Could Have Performed a Lot Better' | Inside Edition

Passerby Films Cop Shooting Hoops With Kids: 'I Could Have Performed a Lot Better'

Sergeant Nick Snyder spoke to after the video of the basketball game went viral.

An Ohio police officer is being praised for his kindness after thousands viewed a video of him joining a game of basketball with kids in his community, thanks to Facebook.

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Sergeant Nick Snyder of the Lancaster Police Department says what was captured in the footage that day was nothing out of the ordinary, as he keeps a football and basketball in the back of his patrol car to remain prepared for a game.

“For me it was just a basketball game. I saw him, I stopped, we played basketball, and we got on a first-name basis. I hope to see him again because I think I could have performed a lot better,” Sergeant Snyder told

Resident Nikki Benson posted the video to Facebook in hopes of exhibiting positive impact their local police have in the Lancaster community.

The footage shows Snyder playing a one-on-one game with a young man named Tiquon, and the cop said the two were so jovial that he was more concerned that he might’ve caught him saying something silly rather than capturing a touching moment.

"A lot of times in pickup games if you’re not talking trash to the other guy you’re not doing it right, so a lot of it was just joking about that. I found out where he lived, who he lived with, and all I did was put it out there that if he needed anything he could contact me," Snyder told

As for the 42,000 people who have watched the video, Snyder hopes they will be able to see how important simple communication and acceptance can have on community members who are often apprehensive of law enforcement.

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“I get the feeling through communicating with people, that people think you have to go out and do something huge with a referendum and legislation and sweeping changes, but with what I deal with is simple things. If you break through that ice barrier, you learn what they need, that’s one person, and then it just builds,” Snyder said.

Snyder said that, with reports of violence in the news today surrounding police, he hopes that people are able to remember how important the little things are, and how far a little kindness can take you.

“For me it’s just simple things. People are just human beings, and once you strip off the race and the sexual orientation and everything else, we’re all just human beings and it just comes down to that,” Snyder told

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