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Police Hand Out Ice Cream 'Tickets' to Kids Caught Wearing Helmets on Their Bikes

As a part of their "Operation Safe Summer," White Haven police has started citing children 12 and under not with a ticket, but with a free ice cream.

Here's a ticket you'll want to get from a cop.

As a part of their "Operation Safe Summer," officers from the White Haven Police Department in Pennsylvania have begun stopping children up to 12 years old as they ride their bikes.

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Those wearing helmets are cited — not with a ticket, but a free ice cream voucher.

"We give them to every kid we see riding a bicycle with a helmet," White Haven Police Chief Thomas Szoke said.

Szoke told InsideEdition.com the department hands out vouchers redeemable at Woods Ice Cream as a part of their community outreach program every year, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

"Every year, [kids] have their helmets on and they come find us," he said. 

So far, the police department estimated they have handed out hundreds of citations this summer alone, and "we're a pretty small town, so that's actually most of the town," Szoke joked. 

Though the phrasing had some people confused, Szoke said, "once the idea got out and everyone understood it, it got better."

"A lot of people try to get out and wear their helmets and ride their bikes so they get a ticket," a local girl told WNEP.

She and her twin sister are even repeat offenders. They were caught outside the same ice cream shop riding safely, and were ticketed a second time.

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Now, her twin announced proudly in an interview with WNEP that she wears her helmet, "every chance I can get."

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