From Flab to Fab: The Success Stories of Women Who Dropped More Than 100 Pounds

Take a look at the inspiring weight loss journeys of these two women.

After years of struggling with obesity, these ordinary women are sharing their weight loss success stories to inspire others.

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Three years ago, Rebecca Grafton tipped the scales at 246 lbs.

Grafton says that back in the day, she indulged in anything that was fried and contained cheese.

“One of my favorite things was boxed macaroni and cheese, and I would eat that whole box by myself and I loved every minute of it,” she told Inside Edition.

The 25-year-old insurance saleswoman then decided it was time to change her diet. She started eating fruits and vegetables and then began to exercise. She lost a stunning 104 pounds.

“I roast veggies almost every single night. I focus on getting a lot of lean protein in like chicken burgers or turkey burgers. For breakfast, eggs are a part of my day — whole eggs or egg white omelettes,” she said.

Before her diet, Grafton's breakfast consisted of leftover pizza.

Her weight loss journey is featured in People magazine's "How We Lost 100 Pounds" issue, which hit newsstands Friday.

Grafton is not the only story of inspiring weight loss.

Mackenzie Walker, 16, used to weigh 223 pounds.

“I got out of the shower and I stood in the mirror for about five minutes and I just picked apart every single piece of my body, and I never hated my body more than I did in that moment,” she admitted to Inside Edition.

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As for her secrets to weight loss, Walker divulged that she kept her diet simple and would only eat when she was hungry.

“Whenever I was hungry I would just eat very small meals,” she said. “My dad had diabetes, my grandma died from diabetes and I didn't want my life to end, I didn't want to have surgery to lose my weight.”

The high-school sophomore dropped 102 pounds.

“I used to drink 15 to 24 cans of coke a day constantly, that was every single day, and now I always have a gallon of water,” she said.

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