Cat Sitter Seen on Hidden Security Camera Getting Frisky in Client's Home

Vacationing homeowner mortified as security video shows cat sitter getting down and dirty in her home.

A cat sitter hired to feed and take care of a vacationing woman's pet was "feline" pretty aroused in the wrong place.

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Ahmet Ozturk brought a woman to the apartment and did not realize he was being recorded as he ignored the cat and got down and dirty with his female friend.

“I made a mistake, I was lost in the moment,” he told Inside Edition.

Video of the incident begins with the cat in the dimly-lit empty apartment in Queens, New York. As Ozturk and the woman enter at about 9 p.m., the animal scrams.

Ozturk said that his female companion “loved animals, she owned two cats herself and I wanted to introduce her to the cat."

The woman tries luring the cat, named Meow-Meow, from its hiding place under the sofa when Ozturk makes his move, climbing on top of his date.

They began making out on the sofa as Meow-Meow is seen walking around. As the steamy session escalates, the two retire to the owner’s bedroom.

But unfortunately for Ozturk, the computerized security system is programmed to email the homeowner after detecting motion in the apartment, which is exactly what happened.

The cat's owner, who was 10,000 miles away in Australia, was mortified by what she saw and called a friend to drive over and sort out the situation.

When the friend arrived, she berates Ozturk: "Are you a jackass? This whole apartment is wired by cameras. And they're watching you."

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The friend then proceeded to throw them out of the apartment.

“It was very embarrassing,” Ozturk admitted to Inside Edition. “It was a stressful moment. Killed the romance.”

Ozturk has now apologized to Meow Meow's owner, saying: "You've no idea the sorrow I feel for doing something this crazy and spontaneous."

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