Mom Gives Birth to 3 Sets of Naturally Conceived Twins in Just Over 2 Years

Danesha Couch now has five children under the age of 3.

When Danesha Couch's doctor told her she was pregnant with her second set of naturally conceived twins, she couldn't believe it.

"I was hysterical," she told from her Kansas City, Kansas home. "But I put on my mom pants."

Less than a year later, the pants had to come out again when doctors revealed she was expecting yet another set of twins — her third.

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"I was completely unprepared," she said. "I mean, I was prepared — I had the clothes and everything else — but mentally, I was not prepared. It took me a couple of months to accept."

Couch is now proud mom to Dalanie and Darla, who were born last month, 1-year-old Delilah and Davina, born May 2015, and 2-year-old Danarius, born April 2014.

Danarius is also a twin, but his brother, Desmond, passed away five minutes after birth. The surviving boy, who weighed just 2 pounds and a single ounce, stayed in the NICU for three months and fought on to become the bubbly little boy he is today.

"He's a daredevil," his mom said. "He's pretty curious."

And thankfully, "he's a good big brother. He has someone to play with, which he likes. Especially as his brother is not here with him."

Danesha with her newest additions. (Courtesy Danesha Couch)

With five children under the age of 3 in their home, the days are pretty chaotic. Couch worked before the latest set of twins were born, but now she spends her day in mom mode while her fiance, Jeff, heads to his service tech job.

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"I'm always picking something up, picking food up, changing a diaper," Couch said, predicting she goes through three dozen diapers a day.

Thankfully, she said, they have family nearby who are always willing to help and the kids behave themselves for the most part.

"They are typical siblings. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they love each other," she said.

While the odds of having three sets of non-identical twins is just one in 88,000, Couch's doctors told her she has an increased likelihood of conceiving them because she releases more than one egg each month. All of her twins are fraternal, meaning they are from different eggs.

But she has no plans to have any more babies any time soon, she said.

"I love babies but maybe in 10 to 15 years, when these ones are big enough to help," she laughed.

To help the family with diaper costs, visit their gofundme here.

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