Couple Refuses to Give Up on Dog With Backward Paws: 'Our Dogs Are Our Children'

"They almost look like a bird's wings," her owner, James Cassidy said.

This golden retriever has had problems getting around since her legs started growing backward, but the loving couple she calls her owners are still refusing to give up on their "happy-go-lucky" dog.

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James Cassidy from Victorville, California, said they have had Rexi the golden retriever since she was born in their bedroom along with 9 other puppies. They gave away the other puppies, but Rexi remained a member of the family along with their six other dogs.

Though she appeared completely healthy at birth, Cassidy said the dog was 6 weeks old when they noticed something was off about her.

"All the puppies were able to walk around with each other but she couldn't," he told "There was one leg she didn't want to use, then the others wouldn't work either."

Soon, the unimaginable started to happen.

"The legs started growing backwards. They almost look like a bird's wings," Cassidy said.

Her front legs extended past her ears as she grew, and she soon lost all use of her front legs.

After X-rays and scans, veterinarians then determined the problem was neurological.

Despite her clean bill of health, Rexi's problem using her legs persisted.

To get around, she pushes her body forward using her back legs, scooting around on her neck and chest.

"When she gets excited, she tries to move quickly and gets sores on her," Cassidy said. "She just wants to play but she can't."

In an attempt to help Rexi correct her legs, Cassidy has tried to massage her legs, or gently stretch them, but they don't extend very far. He said it also hurts Rexi when she tries to move her legs.

Even though veterinarians have suggested putting her down, Cassidy said, "It never crossed our mind one bit not to keep her. Our dogs are our children."

Instead, the Cassidys are trying to come up with a better solution for their loveable, happy-go-lucky, puppy, who recently turned 1.

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After purchasing a wheelchair that wasn't suited to Rexi's needs, Cassidy started a GoFundMe in hopes of attracting innovators that may be able to come up with an answer. So far, Cassidy said engineers have reached out with different ideas for wheelchair, and they still hope a veterinarian or doctor may be able to come up with an idea for surgery.

"We were there for her birth in the bedroom, so we can't just turn our back on her," Cassidy told

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