INSIDE EDITION Talks Exclusively to Ted Williams's Family

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to Ted Williams's entire family as they celebrate the sudden success of the man with the golden voice and his second chance in life.

These folks have a special place in their hearts for Ted Williams. America knows him as the homeless man with the golden voice. They know him as dad.

"It's like the old Ted is back again," said Ted's ex-wife Patti.

INSIDE EDITION brought together Ted's ex-wife and 20 members of his immediate family. His four daughters, two sons and fourteen grandchildren.

For the first time, Ted's family opens up about their now famous dad.

"He's a good man with a big heart," said Ted's daugher Tricia.

Even after Ted lost it all, his family never deserted him. His granddaughter Rhianna says she did what she could.

"I gave him pants and shoes to wear and I looked out for him. I love him," said Rhianna.

Despite his drug problems and homelessness, they say Ted was always welcome at family gatherings over the holidays.

His daughter Tricia says her dad enjoyed playing with his grandkids, saying, "Kisses, hugs. The kids get a kick out of it because they have him dancing and he has them laughing and he does his voice. They love it. They jump on him constantly."

They showed us how Ted showered everyone with kisses. Patti said, "That's Ted's kiss!"

His daughter Julia says her dad got more than a warm meal, saying, "He'd come over to take showers and wash his clothes."

They believe Ted was ashamed of what had become of his life. He retreated back to his tent off the highway in Columbus, Ohio that he called home.

"I've cried many times. Feeling sorry for him. Wishing I could do something more," said Julia.

Then fate changed everything when America heard his magical voice.

Ted reached out to his ex-wife when his luck finally turned around after so many years of hardship.

Patti said, "He began to cry a little bit and said, 'I just can't believe this is happened.' I said 'Thank God for second chances.' "

His family has a suprise for Ted. He has two new grandchildren. Patti said Ted has not seen the twins.

Ted gave INSIDE EDITION this message for his family, saying, "I've got some making up to do to you guys."

It was a heartfelt shout out to his family who never gave up on him.

Patti said, "The sky's the limit!"