School Choreographs Lip Dub to 'Can't Stop the Feeling' to Support Teacher Going Through Chemo

Teacher Regina Peter said she watches the video as she receives chemotherapy treatments: "It makes me happy and honestly, it makes me stronger."

These New Jersey teachers sure make us want to "dance, dance, dance."

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A special needs school in Scotch Plains choreographed a lip dub music video to Justin Timberlake's summer anthem, "Can't Stop the Feeling," featuring 50 staff from Newmark Education.

Principal Gina Borea told that the idea behind the video was not as simple as just wanting to dance on cafeteria tables.

Her lifelong friend and longtime teacher at the school, Regina Peter, was recently diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer.

"I was just thinking about her and what she's about to endure," said Borea, who was devastated by the news. "It just came to me that I wanted to do something fun for her, and something fun I thought would be dancing."

So, in the week that Peter was away from the office, Borea said she enlisted the help of Jonathan Sykes, an art and drama teacher at the school, to help plan and coordinate the lip dub. Within days, staff were asked to join in on the fun, and the video came to life.

"We filmed it in one hour, which I was stressed about," Sykes said, "but everyone was having so much fun and really got into it."

After Borea begins the song from her office with the opening lines, staff, teachers and even service dogs can be seen dancing in the hallway, on top of cafeteria tables, and up and down stairs holding signs and wearing T-shirts with the words, "believe," "it's all good," and "you got this," all phrases Peter has been known to use to cheer up students and other staff.

“She’s one of the strongest women I’ve met and she does so many good things for other people," Borea said. "This was just a labor of love for her.”

Of course, the hard work paid off.

Peter, who is now cancer free but continuing chemotherapy, said the video lifted her spirits through her battle against the disease.

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In fact, she told, "I walk around my block a lot and I watch the video. My cell phone battery dies but all we do is dance in the streets with it."

Peter even watches it as she receives chemotherapy treatments: "It makes me happy and honestly, it makes me stronger."

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