In the Line of Fire: Eyewitness Video Captures Terrifying Moments of Baton Rouge Shooting

Police officers can be seen rushing into position moments before the cop killer was taken out.

A trip to the car wash landed one man in the wrong place at the wrong time when shots rang out in the terrifying Baton Rouge siege that left three police officers dead.

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The driver, who did not want his name to be revealed, shared his horrific footage with Inside Edition. He was at the gas station getting his car washed on Sunday morning when he saw a sight that he will never forget.

“He was in black ski mask, all black, holding a beige-colored gun and he was right behind my truck as I went into the car wash," he said of the gunman. "I thought nothing of it at the time. I kept... thinking it was a joke. I thought it was just a kid holding a play gun."

At the start of his cell phone video, a shot can be heard as police moved in.

"That is when I got scared," he said. "I didn’t know where the gunfire was coming from – 25-30 rounds, basically that is when I duck down in my truck and drop my phone and go ‘Oh my God, this is really happening!’ There was a 10-second pause, I looked up and gun shots were going off again." 

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He filmed police officers moving warily moving across the gas station.

"I had police officers on all sides of my truck, so, I didn't know where they were going to find the gunman," he said. 

Finally, the cops closed in the shooter and took him out.

"I heard over the announcement through one of the dispatch that the 'suspect is down,' that is when I stopped filming, put everything away and got my truck in drive and drove across the ditch and just got out of there," he said. 

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