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New Homeowners Find Body of Man, 84, Fatally Shot By 75-Year-Old Girlfriend: Cops

Mary Karacas, 75, allegedly shot Salvatore Orefice during an altercation, killing him.

The new owners of a home in a picturesque California town were checking out the new property over the weekend when they discovered the 84-year-old previous occupant never left.

And police say that's because Salvatore Orefice's 75-year-old longtime girlfriend fatally shot him and left his lifeless body in a bedroom, where the new owners found him partially covered and lifeless on a bed.

Police in Simi Valley, the proud suburban backdrop to Ronald Reagan's Presidential Library, were called Sunday by the buyers of the nearly $750,000 home.

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When detectives arrived late Sunday afternoon, they summoned the victim's girlfriend Mary Karacas.

Under questioning, police say Karacas revealed to them that she'd shot her elderly partner during an altercation. Police have not released any specific motive.

Meanwhile, a 20-year resident of the street told that the couple were in the process of moving when the body was discovered and that the moving truck was still parked outside when the new owners — investors who purchased the house to flip — arrived to determine if the previous occupants had yet to vacate.

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"This is Simi Valley," the neighbor said of the stunning discovery, "it's so scary."

The neighbor said the couple were "very quiet, private people" who never interacted with area residents in the five or so years they lived in the home. 

"But you don't know what goes on in people's lives," she said.

Karacas was booked at the Ventura County Main Jail on suspicion of murder. The Ventura County district attorney has not filed a complaint as of Tuesday morning.

A telephone number that matches Karacas' name, age and location rang to voicemail and a message left by was not returned.

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