Boy, 8, Leaves Cooler Full of Cold Water and Gatorade for Mailman: 'I Didn't Want Him to Dehydrate' | Inside Edition

Boy, 8, Leaves Cooler Full of Cold Water and Gatorade for Mailman: 'I Didn't Want Him to Dehydrate'

As temperatures reach scorching levels across the country, Carmine McDaniel, 8, of Virginia came up with this idea to help his mailman stay cool.

As temperatures reach scorching levels across the country, one kind-hearted Virginia boy took the initiative to help his neighborhood mailman stay cool.

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Carmine McDaniel, 8, of Newport News decided to leave out a cooler filled with ice cold bottles of water and Gatorade as he and his mom left the home for the day.

On top of the cooler was a note that read: "Mailman: Water & Gatorade in cooler. Have a good day."

"He's such a nice guy," Carmine told "Because of the heat, I didn't want him to pass out or anything, or get dehydrated."

It seemed the cold drinks made a difference in his day.

Though no one was in the home when they left the drinks for longtime mailman Henry Bailey last week, home surveillance caught his priceless response.

"Thank god, thank you," Bailey can be heard saying as he read the sign, left the mail in the slot, and opened the cooler. "Oh my god, yes. Good lord, this is water and Gatorade."

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The generous boy's mom, Terra McDaniel, 26, told that she recalled Bailey coming by to deliver mail ever since she was a kid.

He was eventually assigned to a new route, but four years ago, he returned to their block and greeted the family with the same warm hello.

"Last time he saw me was when I was my son's age," she laughed. "He kept saying how much older he felt last time he was here, and now I'm an adult with my own child."

She, too, remembered stopping Bailey to send him with water when she was a kid, and said she was proud her son was taking up her tradition.

"It made me feel good, especially with all the news that's been going on that isn't happy, it's nice to see something nice coming from my kid," McDaniel said.

The McDaniels have since seen welcomed Bailey's pressence in their household.

One Christmas, McDaniel explained they even invited their neighborhood mailman to their home for dinner.

"We're a friendly family, and we don't have any family here in Virginia," she explained. "We didn't expect him to come, but he came."

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For Halloween, Carmine even dressed as a mailman, and as a surprise, his mom brought him to the post office to say hello to Bailey.

"[Carmine] was like his Mini-Me," she joked. "They walked around, and he showed us the ropes."

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