Shelter Worker Caught on Camera Cuddling Distressed Dog on Kennel Floor: 'I Couldn't Even Help Myself'

"She came back that day and she was coming out of [anesthesia]. She was all shaky. I couldn't even help myself," Chrissy Ireland said.

When this animal shelter staffer noticed a rescue dog in distress, she didn't think twice before letting herself into the kennel, and cozying up with the poor pup.

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According to a video posted to the Conway Area Human Society Facebook page, a worker was walking around the facility to check up on a pit bull mix named Prissy, who was a little upset after being spayed.

But, when she panned the camera to her kennel, she noticed an even cuter sight.

Curled up on the floor of the kennel next to the 4-year-old pooch was Chrissy Ireland, another staff member who noticed the dog in pain, and couldn't help but cuddle up beside her.

 "We all do it, I was just the one that got caught," Ireland joked in an interview with "She came back that day and she was coming out of [anesthesia]. She was all shaky. I couldn't even help myself."

According to Ireland, who has seven dogs herself, Prissy was rescued a week and a half ago in a Tennessee car dump by the Paws of New England rescue. She was found with her presumed sister, Sandy, and a litter of 3-month-old puppies she had given birth to.

"They had awful skin conditions and things," said Ireland, who has been working at the Conway Area Human Society for the past seven years. "We're working on making them happier and healthier."

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Since the video was posted to Facebook last week, Ireland said they have already started getting inquiries about adopting Prissy.

"Hopefully Sandy is the next one to get a home," Ireland said.

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