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Mystery Solved: Couple Comes Forward to Claim Massive Powerball Prize From January

A California couple has finally come forward as the third and final winners of a chunk of January's record $1.6 billion jackpot.

The holders of the third and final winning ticket from January's record-smashing Powerball jackpot have finally been identified.

Months after three lottery players matched six lucky numbers in the $1.6 billion drawing, officials revealed Tuesday that Southern California couple Marvin and Mae Acosta came forward Friday to claim their prize.

All $528.8 million of it.

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The Acostas' take, which they'll share with winners in Florida and Tennessee, is the largest in California history. It was sold at a 7-Eleven store, the Associated Press reports.

After waiting six months to come forward, the couple are keeping a low profile and have asked for privacy, but issued a brief statement.

"We have committed nearly all of this new resource to a trust and to charities that are important to us," the couple said. "While we are very grateful for the wonderful wishes and encouragement we've received, it is not our intention to become public figures, and we ask for and appreciate privacy going forward."

Little is known about the Acostas, other than the fact that they are a younger couple. They moved out of their home following the big win.

They've chosen the cash option over annuity payments and will receive $327.8 million before federal taxes.

The jackpot was the largest in U.S. lottery history as players rushed out to buy tickets so they could be a part of the phenomenon. In total, California players scooped up $386 million worth of Powerball tickets during the historic run.

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The winners were finally revealed after months of speculation as to who the winners were, despite officials having revealed early on exactly where the ticket was purchased.

In a statement, lottery officials said the Acostas chose not to reveal themselves until they were fully prepared for such radical change.

"They read our Winner's Handbook and then assembled a team of legal and financial advisors to help them make the most of this windfall and prepare them for their new life as Lottery winners," California Lottery Director Hugo Lopez said in a statement.

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