Lemur on the Loose! A Woman in Florida Is Attacked and Bitten by Escaped Lemur

Isabella Valledor was attacked when she opened the front door of her Miami home.

Twenty-one-year-old Victoria Valledor heard a scratching noise at her front door.

So thinking it was a potted palm that regularly falls over, she opened the door and stepped out to place the plant upright.

And got attacked by a lemur.

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The animal latched on and bit her several times, sending her into a panic that caused her to run across the yard screaming. The lemur was in hot pursuit.

Her little sister, Isabella, got footage of the attacker on video.

“My 21-year-old sister was leaving the house when the lemur jumped on her and bit her so she had to call 911 and the lemur started chasing her around and then when 911 came, the lemur started chasing them around too,” Isabella told CBS Miami.

The paramedics came. So did the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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“Through tricks and practice and a lot of training they were able to coax it to a kennel and they removed the lemur from the scene, said commission officer Lorenzo Veloz.

He said he didn’t know where the lemur came from.

“Due to the area where we are, there are people licensed to have these lemurs, so now it’s under investigation,” Veloz said.

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