123 Miniature Pooches Get a Second Chance After Being Rescued from Woman's Home

123 dogs were rescued from a woman's home.

More than 100 dogs — many of which were pregnant with pups — have been rescued from a woman’s Ohio home, and will now be given a new leash on life.

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A rescue team was alerted to the dogs' overwhelming presence by a concerned family who reached out for help to take in the miniature pooches, according to Lisa Bartels of Heritage Farms Animal Rescue.

But she says the homeowners were not immediately willing to comply.

"The owners didn’t want us to go to their property for fear of prosecution," Bartels told InsideEdition.com. “The family brought the dogs in cages to our veterinarian offices.”

The family who reported the home said they knew the woman had a few pups living there, but were shocked by the actual amount.

A total of 123 dogs were rescued from the house, which included both males and females.

“Surprisingly, the dogs weren’t in terrible condition,” said Bartels. “Some of them had an ear or an eye infection or missing hair, but nothing too serious.”

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More than 30 rescue groups came from New York, Canada, Wisconsin, and Illinois to help unload the dogs from their cages.

And if rescuers didn't show up when they did, they might have rescued way more canines, as Bartels told InsideEdition.com that 90 percent of the female dogs were pregnant.

To ensure their well-being and safety, the pups were taken to Pondview Veterinary Clinic where they were examined by veterinarians.

According to Bartels, rescue missions of this scale are not uncommon. In fact, Heritage Farms Animal Rescue says it has removed a large number of dogs from the owner’s home in the past.

"The dogs need more socialization and the females are currently going through the birthing process," said Bartels. "But they will be ready for adoption very soon.'

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