15 Brave Men Come Together to Move Overturned Car Back on Its Wheels After Crash | Inside Edition

15 Brave Men Come Together to Move Overturned Car Back on Its Wheels After Crash

The incident was caught on video, and the driver miraculously survived.

The kindness — and brute strength — of strangers has been credited with saving a man whose convertible flipped over in South Carolina with him behind the wheel.

Jonathan Jansen was on his way to work at a mall in Columbia when a library book in his backseat flew up and distracted him, he told Inside Edition.

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He lost control of his car and it flipped onto its roof, with him in the driver’s seat.

People ran to help and tried to free Jansen, who was trapped when his door wouldn’t open.

Video captured three men trying to force open the door, but it wouldn't budge. The good Samaritans then tied a cable around the car to pull it right-side up, but the cable snapped.

With no other options, more than a dozen men pushed with all their might, managing to get the car up and over. Once the car was overturned, Jansen was discovered to be safe, still buckled in the driver's seat.

“I’m blessed,” Jansen said. “I should be dead.”

Jansen gave the thumbs-up sign to show he was OK. He appeared to be stunned, but said he was unhurt aside from some bruising. His seatbelt saved him.

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Bert Sorin, who shot the video, said the rescuers risked their own safety because the overturned car was leaking gas.

A police officer approached Jansen and asked if he was OK.

“I’m all right,” he replied.

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