Former Reality TV Star Jon Gosselin Now Working at TGI Friday's, but Says It's 'Just a Hobby' | Inside Edition

Former Reality TV Star Jon Gosselin Now Working at TGI Friday's, but Says It's 'Just a Hobby'

The former co-star of TLC mega-hit Jon & Kate Plus 8 is now spending at least some of his time as a prep cook at a Pennsylvania Friday's restaurant.

Once known for the jam-packed kitchen table at his own home, ex-reality TV personality and father of eight Jon Gosselin is now serving up grub for other people's families as a TGI Friday's prep cook.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is spending at least some of his time behind the scenes at a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, location of the worldwide casual restaurant chain.

And, as Jon tells Us Weekly, it's all for the greater good.

"I work at TGI Fridays eight hours a week and give my paycheck to charity," Gosselin said after TMZ broke the news Wednesday. "It was just a hobby."

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Gosselin, who rocketed to fame on the success of the TLC reality series in which he and his wife Kate appeared alongside their eight children, reportedly makes most of his money from DJ gigs in the area.

"I don’t need the money," the 39-year-old said. "DJ-ing is still my real job."

Gosselin's social media accounts appear to confirm that he, at the very least, DJ's often. 

In a July 14 post, Gosselin even asks his followers to come hear him spin at the TGI Friday's where he works.

"Come celebrate Blue Moon's 21st Bday with us at TGI Fridays in Lancaster, PA!!! Park City Mall location. I'll be spinning the happy hour tunes from 5-7pm!!!" the post reads.

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According to TMZ, Gosselin has only worked at the restaurant for a few months. 

Gosselin's manager, Robyn Bryce, did not immediately reply to's request for a comment.

However, at least one of his co-workers, many of whom shared media reports about Gosselin on Wednesday, had rave reviews for the former tabloid obsession turned DJ.

"Does this mean we made it to the big time?" Casey Guydish, whose Facebook lists her job as a server at the Friday's, wrote in a post. "But seriously, the dude is awesome. Great guy, super co-worker to have."

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