Kids Across America Show Support for Police Officers With 'Survival Kits' Filled With Sweets

The packages included treats like "Tootsie Rolls, to help you roll with the punches," and "Payday, because you are not doing it for the money."

Kids all over the country are showing support for local law enforcement in an incredibly sweet way.

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Packages known as "Survival Kit for Police" are popping up at police departments all over America, from Louisville, Kentucky, to San Angelo, Texas to Waterford, Connecticut, and beyond.

Attached to each individually wrapped package is a poem, explaining the contents inside.

"Lifesaver — to remind you of the many times you have been one," the list begins, with candies like Starburst, Payday, Hershey Kiss and Peppermint Patty mentioned, too.

Among the many young heroes who showed they back the blue with a sugary treat is Jackson Bisazza from Massachusetts.

Jackson and his parents, Wendy and Brian, dropped off 30 "survival kits" to the Holliston Police Department Tuesday.

Holliston police responded with a heartfelt message on Facebook that read: "Jackson, in a world that is fast-paced and often chaotic, we thank you for bringing a slice of generosity, innocence, and happiness to our Officers."

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According to the Facebook post, the kits have been a positive impact to the department, who mourned along with their Baton Rouge and Dallas brothers and sisters who lost officers in the past month.

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