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Royal Grumble: Prince George, 3, Sparks Outrage After He's Photographed Feeding Dog Ice Cream

Social media exploded after the photos featuring the future King of England were released.

To mark Prince George’s third birthday, the British Royal Family shared four new photos of the adorable toddler frolicking around, but one picture is causing a furor against the monarchy.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared an image Friday of the young prince feeding a dog ice cream, resulting in a series of angry comments on social media.

You should never let a dog lick your ice cream, unless you're Prince George

July 22, 2016

Prince George accused of animal cruelty for feeding ice cream to his dog. More cruelty say dogs.

July 22, 2016

Prince George needs chucking in prison for feeding that dog an ice cream, irresponsible animal cruelty paid for by the taxpayer

July 22, 2016

Those moronic pictures of Prince George giving a dog ice cream,WTF? Is the world not bad enough at the moment, without their contribution?

July 22, 2016

Prince George expected to apologise for feeding a dog ice cream.

July 22, 2016

Giving ice cream to a dog could be dangerous and toxic to the animal’s system. Experts advise that it should never be done.

Britain's animal welfare charity, the RSPCA, said in a statement: "It is lovely that Prince George is trying to help keep his family dog, Lupo, cool in these high temperatures. We would advise people to be cautious when giving their dogs food meant for human consumption as some items, like chocolate, can be highly toxic to dogs and dairy items can be difficult for them to digest.

Other photos were not controversial at all. The pictures were taken by Matt Porteous at the royal couple’s home in Norfolk, England, last month.

Porteous said of the experience: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to take these photographs of Prince George. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I'm honored that they have decided to share these images with the public to mark his third birthday."

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A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: "The Duke and Duchess hope that people will enjoy seeing these new photographs. They would like to thank everyone for all the lovely messages they have received as Prince George celebrates his third birthday."

There has been no response from the Royal Family about the ice cream controversy.

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