Bored, Barron? 10-Year-Old Trump Yawns His Way Through Dad's Raucous RNC Speech

The youngest Trump also looks just like his father.

While the Republican National Convention has been a family affair for Donald Trump, his youngest son — the only child of the billionaire who did not address delegates — didn't seem impressed.

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Barron, 10, could not stop yawing and rubbing his eyes throughout his first appearance at the RNC in Cleveland, looking incredibly bored as his father spoke about how he will “make America great again.”

He was with his mother Melania, her first sighting since that controversy over her plagiarized speech on Monday night.

Melania looked upset with her restless son at times as she tried to focus on her billionaire husband’s 75-minute long speech, one of the longest in RNC history.


When Trump finally stopped speaking Thursday night, Barron ran to his dad and gave him a big hug

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He is also being called Donald Trump's mini-me – after he passes for the spitting image of his old man, from the suit to the wavy dark blonde hair.

Should the real estate mogul win the Oval Office in November, Barron would be the first young boy to live in the White House since JFK, Jr.

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