Ivanka Borrow That Dress! Trump Daughter Dons a Style All Her Own

The eldest Trump daughter has had her own clothing line since 2012.

Amid all the RNC excitement, Ivanka Trump lost an earring Wednesday night that was recovered by a college student, who started a Twitter hashtag to get it back to her.

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Annabelle Hopkins, 19, posted a picture of the earring on Twitter #getivankaherearringback,

Please RT! Help Ivanka get her earring back! @IvankaTrump @TiffanyATrump @realDonaldTrump @RNCinCLE @DonaldJTrumpJr pic.twitter.com/x8goMAV1Rv

— Annabelle Marie (@nogentlewoman) July 21, 2016

Ivanka was reunited with her earring and took pictures with Hopkins.

Thank you for helping us get the earring back to its owner! Only trying to be honest and kind here, life is good :) pic.twitter.com/LwGtndCHJa

— Annabelle Marie (@nogentlewoman) July 21, 2016

But there were no fashion mishaps Thursday night when Ivanka introduced her father to formally accept the Republican presidential nomination. 

She wore a blush colored sheath from the Ivanka Trump label. It was simple and elegant and became such a hit that it sold out in Nordstrom's and Macy's online stores within hours of her speech. 

Ivanka’s RNC style has been earning high marks throughout the RNC and she has become a walking billboard for her clothing line.

It even became a family affair, as the Trump women all wore Ivanka’s high heels. The 34-year-old has always had a knack for fashion, when she was a teenager she wanted to be a model but eventually shifted to the business side of the industry.

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Her line, which was founded in 2012, features many of the dresses she has worn, most of which cost less than $200.

Forbes magazine reports that her label made $100 million in sales last year.

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