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How Fawntastic: Father Jumps in Lake to Rescue Baby Deer Drowning in Lake

Take a minute to watch the awe-worthy moments when a man jumps in a Texas lake to bring a drowning baby deer to safety on a boat.

It's the aww-some moment when a hero dad jumped into a Texas lake to bring a doomed baby deer to safety.

Mississippi real estate developer Corey Smith was on a family vacation at Lake Buchanan in Austin when he witnessed two fawns struggling to keep up with their mother.

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“The mother was just swimming off and leaving them. I think she was really tired and may have been disoriented because she was swimming towards open water. They were going to be gone if we didn’t do something," Smith told

After deciding he couldn’t just sit and watch the struggle, Smith jumped in and swam out to the deer to bring them back to his boat.

“The baby was trying to swim the best he could, but he couldn’t keep up his head up, he was going under. It was real apparent they weren’t going to make it much longer," Smith said

The father of two calls himself an outdoorsman, and he said he understood the risk he was taking by separating the fawns from their mother.

“It was one of those situations that I knew if you took a baby deer away from his mother it wouldn’t survive, but I also knew I couldn’t let him drown,” Smith told

He was able to bring the deer back to shore, but not before snapping a few pictures with the babies on the boat before they were reunited with their mother.

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“Once they got together there on the shore, they stayed there and it was obvious they were weak from swimming. Then after just a few minutes with their mother, they trotted back into the woods,” Smith said.

Smith partially credits being a father to the heroic actions he took that day.

“I’m a father. I’ve got two young children so it was natural instinct to save those babies when I saw them in trouble,” he told

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