Dramatic Moment as Suspected Arsonist Is Allegedly Caught in the Act: 'He Started Lighting Fire After Fire'

Two men were able to shoot a video of the suspect setting a dangerous blaze in California.

A man who was caught on tape allegedly igniting several brush fires in California has been detained as the prime suspect in an arson investigation.

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Freelance photographers Bernie Deyo and Jeff Zimmerman shot the video Tuesday in the small town of Neeanch, which is in the northwestern part of Los Angeles County.

"It was kind of mind-blowing and it was one of those traumatic events where your mind isn't processing what you were witnessing," Deyo told Inside Edition. 

Deyo and Zimmerman called 911 and alerted them what was happening. Once authorities arrived, the camera men were heard screaming: "Stop this guy! Stop this guy!" 

The suspected firebug paid a price for his alleged madness, as the photographers believe he was seriously burned. Deyo reported seeing him with "burns on his back and leg." 

"He started lighting fire after fire, that grass and the wind started carrying that fire to the range land," Zimmerman told Inside Edition. 

The Los Angeles Police Department has identified the suspected arsonist as 27-year-old David Artiaga, who was jailed in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Ninety miles outside Santa Clara, the threat to people and property is relentless due the wildfire.

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As many as 10,000 homes have been evacuated as the flames relentlessly sweep on and an estimated10,000 acres of land are going up in flames every day.

The blaze has also threatened the animal refuge run by actress Tippi Hedren. The Birds actress’ wildlife sanctuary, Shamballa, has 400 animals, including tigers.

Her daughter, Melanie Griffith tweeted : "My mom's place Shamballa is being evacuated."

Hedren was later brought to safety.

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