Teen Who Sang For Pope Francis Performs at DNC: 'I Am Very Excited' | Inside Edition

Teen Who Sang For Pope Francis Performs at DNC: 'I Am Very Excited'

From the pontiff to the potential president, Bobby Hill has sang for the biggest names in the world.

The young man who sang for Pope Francis has serenaded the DNC on opening night in Philadelphia.

Bobby Hill, 14, of Philly, sang the national anthem in his hometown inside the Wells Fargo Center Monday night.

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“I am very excited,” he told Inside Edition prior to the performance. “I don’t think I am that nervous but I think I am more excited.”

Hill captivated the world in September when he sang for Pope Francis when the Pontiff visited The City of Brotherly Love during his North American tour last September.

Since his performance for the Pope, Hill has been traveling and recently recorded with the Czech National Symphony, he told Inside Edition. 

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While he doesn’t believe the Pope had any help getting him the DNC gig, Hill is humbled by the occasion.

“It is great to see the first woman get nominated. I get to see Bernie Sanders speak and Michelle Obama, he told Inside Edition. “I get to see them tonight and all the delegates from our democracy.”

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