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Driver Intentionally Hits Pokemon Go Player in Crosswalk: Cops

A Maine woman allegedly drove her car into a man who was playing the wildly popular game with a group of friends Sunday.

Police say a woman full of apparent Pokemon-hate intentionally rammed into a player with her car. 

Jeannie Chapman, 36, was arrested Sunday evening after allegedly running her car into the man on a crosswalk in Bangor, Maine.

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According to police, the two had an argument prior to the alleged assault.

The man was playing the game, in which players catch virtual creatures in the physical world using their smartphones.

Chapman was taken to the Penobscot County Jail, where she was charged with aggravated assault.

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It comes amid a steady stream of weird, Pokemon-related stories. The game hit app stores earlier this month. 

Just last week, two men hunting Pokémon in Connecticut stumbled upon a naked woman vandalizing a church’s property, authorities said.

Also last week, an alleged distracted driver was caught on body cam video crashing into a Baltimore police cruiser while playing the game.

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