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This Adorable Homeless Dog Walks Just Like a Human

Crest was brought in with a whole series of issues.

A homeless dog was brought to a Texas animal care facility after it was discovered walking on its hind legs like a person.

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The pooch, named Crest, was placed in the care of Dr. Matt Carriker of the Vet Ranch for treatment of a host of problems. X-ray’s showed the pup had a broken left leg and a broken humorous in his right leg, Crest also had a broken jaw.

Crest was set to be euthanized because he could not use his front legs, but Dr. Carriker instead worked to save the tiny dog that walked upright.

Dr. Carriker, who goes by Dr. Matt, said he did not want to operate on Crest’s right leg because it did not seem to bother him, but dedicated his efforts on the dog's jaw and left leg.

“The leg is not usable, but it doesn't bother him so I didn't want to put him through a major unnecessary surgery,” Dr. Carriker wrote on Vet Ranch’s YouTube page.

After improvising with a few wires, the vet was able to fix his jaw and made a homemade splint to fix Crest’s leg.

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A few months after the rehab process, the dog is still getting around like a human, but his jaw is back to normal and he has been neutered. 

Crest was eventually adopted by a loving family in Los Angeles.

For more information on Vet Ranch, visit their website.

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