Sarah Silverman Blasts Booing Bernie Supporters at DNC: 'You're Being Ridiculous' | Inside Edition

Sarah Silverman Blasts Booing Bernie Supporters at DNC: 'You're Being Ridiculous'

Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic Convention booed the comedian and Senator Al Franken.

In an unscripted moment at the Democratic National Convention, comedian Sarah Silverman told crowd members who booed her pitch for Hillary Clinton were "ridiculous."

To both boos and applause, Silverman stood alongside Senator Al Franken as she told the DNC she intends to vote for Clinton "with gusto" despite her previous high-profile support for Bernie Sanders.

"To the 'Bernie or Bust' people, you're being ridiculous," Silverman said.

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It was a meaningful moment at an event meant to bring unity to the Democratic Party. But even Bernie Sanders himself appeared unable to wed his own supporters with the soon-to-be nominee's.

Earlier Monday, some 50 Sanders supporters were briefly detained by police outside the convention at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia as they protested the DNC's treatment of the Vermont politician.

In emails published by Wikileaks, staff within the party leadership appear to be biased against Sanders, whose Jewish background was even floated as a possible point of attack.

Silverman later told CNN that she ad-libbed the reprimand after producers told her and Franken, himself an ex-comedian, to stretch their time on-stage because they were ahead of schedule.

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Silverman also called the Bernie or Bust folks "nutso." However, as a Sanders supporter during the primary, she said she believes most Bernie folks are "reasonable."

"I think most Sanders supporters are reasonable people who think, you know, Bernie and Hillary have so much in common. They have a lot of the same values," she said.

Silverman was among a line-up of major names who spoke at the convention Monday night. In addition to the comedian, rising Democratic star Senator Cory Booker, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders all gave their arguments to elect Hillary.

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