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Judge OKs Cover-Up of Defendant's White Supremacist Facial Tattoos

In an unusual move, a Nevada judge has allowed Bayzle Morgan to cover his facial tattoos, which include swastikas.

A Nevada judge has decided he'll allow a defendant to cover his white supremacist facial tattoos as he stands trial for armed robbery.

The unusual move was made to help ensure Bayzle Morgan, 24, gets a fair shake from jurors despite his tattoos, which include a swastika and the words "baby Nazi."

Morgan, who also faces murder charges in an unrelated case, has other facial tattoos that include "Most Wanted" written across his forehead, the Iron Cross on the back of his head, and two tattoos where his eyebrows are meant to be.

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District Judge Richard Scotti ordered the ink be covered up after an attempt to pick a jury in the trial had to be scrapped when everyone summoned said they'd feel biased because of the nature of Morgan's tattoos, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A makeup artist was brought into the courtroom Friday after the trial was delayed for more than a month before the decision was made to cover all of Morgan's tattoos.

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The makeup artist spent two hours applying makeup as Morgan sat restrained in his orange jumpsuit. The judge then deemed the cover-up effective before the makeup was removed and Morgan taken back to jail.

He was expected back in court on Monday, complete with makeup, to begin his trial for allegedly stealing a motorcycle at gunpoint in 2013.

Morgan will again face a jury next month when his capital murder trial begins in which he's accused of killing a 75-year-old woman while allegedly robbing her home.

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