Son Replaces Family Portraits With Images of Steve Buscemi to Prank His Parents

The parents laughed after they discovered the prank.

A Wisconsin man was so bored on summer vacation that he opted to spend his time exchanging family photos with random pictures of actor Steve Buscemi in an epic prank on his parents.

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Kevin Manion, 21, decided to switch every family photo with the Fargo actor until his parents noticed.

His sister, Clare, 19, posted about the prank on Twitter.

Kevin posted five pictures in total; his dad caught on after the second day but kept the joke quiet. His mother didn't realize what was going on until the fifth photo was placed.

“They both thought it was hilarious,” Clare told Inside Edition. “My mom was confused at first she thought something had happened to my brother's senior portrait but then she realized it was Steve Buscemi and died laughing.”

The tweets gained momentum on the social network and Clare said she and her brother were shocked by the reach it has gotten.

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“We are all so surprised at how the tweet blew up. My mom even made a Twitter so she could retweet it,” she said.

Kevin "loves" playing pranks on his family, according to his younger sister, so the house is undoubtedly on edge in anticipation of the next one.

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