Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Was Obsessed With Anorexic Girls: 'He Wanted Women Who Looked Like Bones'

It's one of many bold claims that appear in Conrad Murray's new book.

A new book from Michael Jackson’s disgraced former physician makes the claim that the King of Pop was into anorexic women.

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"He was interested in anorexia," Dr. Conrad Murray writes in his book This Is It, the same name given to the tour Jackson was rehearsing for at the time of his death in 2009. "He wanted women who looked like bones. Very thin."

Murray told Inside Edition that he wasn't looking for these women for a date, "he was looking to be entertained." 

In the self-published book, Murray claims that towards the end of the "Bad" singer's life, he was his only friend. He claims they would dress up in disguises and cruise the Las Vegas strip to pick up women.

He also claims that he and the famous pop star partied with escort girls at a budget hotel.

Murray told Inside Edition: "This is a factual story." 

"I once wore scrubs and Michael walked with a limp pretending to be a stroke victim." he writes in the book. "Another time Michael dressed as a clown."

When asked why he would reveal these personal details of Jackson's life, Murray told Inside Edition: "Michael wanted me to get on the mountain and tell the story."

Murray said that despite rumors and accusations, he does not believe Jackson was a pedophile.

Murray says Jackson was enamored with the doctor’s son, Che, and even kept a picture of him on his bedside table.

“I paid attention to Michael because I, myself, have a young child. It was important because Michael wanted me and my children to play together, break bread together,” the doctor told Inside Edition. “It was important for me to know whether Michael was or was not a monster.”

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Following the death of the “Black or White” singer, who succumbed to a deadly combination of drugs in his system, Murray was convicted of manslaughter and served two years in jail.

But, to this day, Murray maintains he did nothing wrong.

He is still barred from practicing medicine and lives alone in a one bedroom apartment near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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