Kind Waiter Feeds Diner's Screaming Baby, Becomes Internet Sensation

A frazzled mom, a screaming, sick baby, and the waiter who came to their rescue.

Dallas French was having a very bad day, until a kind-hearted waiter came to her family's rescue.

The Arkansas mom had just spent three hours at the hospital with her 4-month-old baby, who was being treated for E. coli and was not in a happy mood. Little Ellee had been sick for nearly a month and no one was getting much sleep in the French house.

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So when Dallas, her husband and their baby stopped at an Olive Garden restaurant in Little Rock on the way home from the hospital, the exhausted mom was hoping to have a quick and quiet bite to eat.

But Ellee was hungry, too. And she was screaming. Dallas fixed a bottle, but was so flustered she spilled formula “all over me, all over the table and all over the floor,” she told Tuesday. She started mixing a second bottle, just as her salad arrived.

That’s when their waiter came to her emotional rescue.

“He just grabbed the bottle and said, ‘Here, let me feed her,’’’ Dallas recounted. And she was able to finish her salad. Her husband snapped a photo of the kind waiter and Dallas later posted it to Olive Garden’s Facebook page.

The post quickly went viral, gaining more than 150,000 likes.

Server Robert Davis was having his own version of a crazy day when the French family arrived and was seated in his station.

Davis had been "running, running, running" since his shift started, he said. "I was behind all day."

Not long after the Frenches sat down, things began to ease up a bit. He noticed Ellee right away because “she looked at me and laughed,” said the father of three. “My kids do that to me all the time. I don’t know if it’s because of the way I look, or what,” he said.

After he took the parents’ order and came back with their salads, he noticed Dallas was trying to feed Ellee and herself at the same time.

“I saw the struggle, so I said ‘I can feed the baby.’ She’d already won me over because she’d smiled at me. I just jumped in the booth behind them and leaned over and held the bottle.”

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He didn’t notice that Dallas’ husband took a photo. “I didn’t think nothing of it,” he said. “I try to treat my customers like family.”

Dallas didn’t get his name amid the hubbub. But after she posted the restaurant image on Olive Garden’s corporate website, local news outlets began calling and on Monday, she and Ellee were formally introduced during an interview at the eatery.

“We just talked about how crazy it is that this just exploded,” Dallas said of their conversation. “He’s a dad and he just saw a mom that needed help. He just saw that were flustered with a baby and spilled milk.

“He said, ‘I never gave it a thought.’ None of it was a big deal to him. But it was a big deal to me,” the mother said.

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