Lindsay Lohan's Dad Says She's Expecting a Child: 'I Have No Reason Not to Believe Her' | Inside Edition

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Says She's Expecting a Child: 'I Have No Reason Not to Believe Her'

Michael Lohan also sent Egor Tarabasov a series of angry texts after seeing the video of confrontation outside their London home.

Lindsay Lohan’s father has confirmed that she is pregnant following a cryptic tweet that she could be expecting.

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Michael Lohan told Inside Edition that his daughter is with child, saying: "I have no reason not to believe her. She is my daughter. She hasn’t lied to me. She hasn’t misled me. I go on what she tells me."

The Mean Girls actress' father says their family “will be here for Lindsay” during her pregnancy.

On Sunday, Lindsay posted a tweet that said: “lindsay lohan labour pains trailer – I am pregnant!!” it was accompanied with a link to her 2009 movie, Labor Pains. The tweet has since been deleted.

It was posted after London police were called her to apartment in the early hours of Saturday morning for a reported domestic dispute between the actress and her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov.

Video of the incident was obtained by The Sun, in it, the actress claims Tarabasov tried to kill her.

Michael Lohan watched the video for the first time when speaking to Inside Edition and was fighting mad after viewing it.

The emotional father said: “It is hard seeing her cry like that and alone and not have anyone there for her, being defenseless with him.”

He added: “After seeing it, it is not a good situation and I don’t trust this guy one bit.”

Michael then sent his daughter's 23-year-old Russian-born fiancé furious texts where he said: "You threaten my daughter, touch her or anything happens to her and You will have nowhere to hide."

Michael told Inside Edition that the man who could be his son-in-law is a “coward” and wants him to “get help.”

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The furious father added: “He is going to stay away from my daughter until he gets better. I feel bad for him but this kind of behavior is not going to happen.”

Michael believes that Tarabasov is “not in the right frame of mind” to raise a child.

“If she is pregnant, she needs the father to be there and support her and go through this with her,” Michael told Inside Edition. “His is not in the right frame of mind and he can’t do that.”

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