Florida School Board Returns To Work After Shooting

Less than a month after the shooting at a Florida school board meeting, the board is back to work, including the woman who tried to thwart the gunman with her purse. INSIDE EDITION has the latest update.

Ginger Littleton knows better than anyone how it feels to stare down the barrel of a crazed gunman's pistol. She single handedly went after the V for Vendetta shooter with nothing more than her handbag.

Now the massacre in Tucson has taken even more emotional toll on this courageous woman.
"Nobody deserves that kind of thing, nobody. Tucson, nobody. Nut jobs have got to go," says Littleton.

Our INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd  spoke to Littleton at a major event for her and the other members of the school board in Panama City, Florida.

For the first time since that horrific shooting, the school board is back in this room holding another meeting. There's fresh paint on the wall, the bullet holes have been repaired and there's new carpet on the floor where the gunman collapsed and died. But for everyone who experienced the tragic events of that day, the memories are still haunting.

Bill Husfelt is the school board superintendent who miraculously survived when the gunman shot at him and somehow missed.

Husfelt says he was especially moved by the tragedy in Tucson, "I almost felt guilty surviving what I survived and knowing the little 9-year-old girl was killed."

Flags outside the school board building flew at half mast in tribute to the victims in Tucson 1,700 miles away.

Mike Jones is the hero chief of security who shot and killed the V for Vendetta gunman.

"Mike, what was your reaction when news of the Arizona shooting unfolded, in light of just having gone through the experience here?" Boyd asked.

Jones replies, "I just tried to imagine the Congresswoman there by herself with no bodyguards, no law enforcement with her to help her how unlucky she was."

At the meeting, board members were presented with certificates to mark their bravery that day.

Ginger got a special plaque, and another gift. A handbag to replace the now famous one she auctioned for charity.  

Even with the occasional moments of levity, the horror of the Tucson shootings was on many minds.