Money for Nothing: Who Is the Secret Donor Randomly Leaving $100 Bills for Strangers?

The only clue to the mystery philanthropist's identity is the name "Benny" left on each bill.

Ten-year-old Eva Grace was busking outside an Oregon market when, much to her surprise, she spied very big bucks in her violin case.

“We were so happy, we were like jumping up and down,” the girl said.

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The tip was a $100 bill. Such random acts of generosity have been spied all over the town of Salem for the last three years.

And the only clue to the benefactor is the name “Benny” signed in the corner.

More than $59,000 has been collected thus far.

Emily Wells found her “Benny” after doing some shopping.

Inside a blanket she purchased was a crisp bill.

“Benny, I think that you’re amazing!” she said.

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The money has been left in strollers, slipped through car windows and tucked under items on store shelves.

A local bread maker says “Benny” has visited seven times.

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