Just Call Him the Tortoise Whisperer: TV's Cesar Millan Springs Into Action to Rescue Tortoise

He saved the day as a wildfire threatened the animal's home.

It's not just dogs anymore. Cesar Millan has come to the rescue of helpless animals after a massive wildfire north of Los Angeles forced thousands of people to evacuate, destroyed 18 homes.

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Millan has a congregation of tortoises that he is looking after. He is even calling himself “the tortoise whisperer” instead of his most famous moniker, "the dog whisperer." 

He's got his hands full with 13, 100-pound tortoises that need a place to stay after their owners fled the wildfire.

He told Inside Edition that he first became aware of the animals after seeing their plight play out on social media.

Millan offered his to take care of the tortoises at The Dog Psychology Center, located 10 miles outside the raging flames.

Earlier this week, he took in a menagerie of 83 animals — goats, sheep, and donkeys to protect.

“We’re like Noah’s Ark here,” he told Inside Edition.

Millan says all pet owners need to prepare in case of an emergency.

"Always have plenty of food and water on hand," he advised.

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He says every animal brought to his ranch came with its own food supply.

“Always have place a place where you can take your animals within in 20 to 25 miles, a place they've been before so they don't freak out,” he said.

On Thursday, workers from the Reptacular Animal Ranch arrived to pick up their 13 tortoises after being given the all-clear to return home.

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