Death Threats Against Sarah Palin

Security around Sarah Palin has been stepped up as death threats increase since she released a video tape defending herself against critics of her political rhetoric. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Death threats against Sarah Palin have spiked to an unprecedented level since the Tucson massacre, according to one of her aides. Since there has been negavtive tweets made about Palin, secruity around her has been tightened.

Palin is at the center of a political firestorm over this video message to America in which she defended herself against claims that her fiery rhetoric and that crosshairs map somehow contributed  to the carnage.

On The View Elizabeth Hasselbeck, usually a Palin defender, said the video took the wrong tone compared to President Obama's speech at the memorial service for the Tucson victims.

Hasselbeck says, "She tried to used words to stir the pot again, but his tone calmed the nation and settled the nation and was way more appropriate."

On The Today Show, NBC's Tom Brokaw said, "I was surprised that she got back into it the way she did.  I think you gotta move beyond that."

The Washington Post says Palin looked, "More subdued than usual, strawn and older looking, her eyes noticeably red."

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs wouldn't comment on the video and says, "There are plenty of people who can render their opinions. President Obama won't be one for them."