Teen Battling Cancer Marries His Sweetheart in Hospital Ceremony, Days After Waking From Coma

He's joked about it, and she's kind of laughed it off, but when he woke up from a ventilator, he said, 'I want to marry you,'" their history teacher said.

When this Oklahoma teen saw his health declining in a battle against cancer, he decided the only thing he wanted to do was marry his sweetheart.

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Swift Myers, 18, has been fighting Ewing's sarcoma — a cancer that occurs in and around the bones — on and off for the past seven years.

It returned a month ago, and for 11 days, Swift was placed under a medically induced coma in a Tulsa hospital. The first thing he did when he woke up was propose to Abbi, his girlfriend of two years.

"She has not quit smiling since," their history teacher Kendra Roulet told InsideEdition.com. "They've talked about [getting married]. He's joked about it, and she's kind of laughed it off, but when he woke up from a ventilator, he said, 'I want to marry you.'"

A day and a half later, they were saying their vows in the hospital room, surrounded by all their friends and family.

The pair was joined by bridesmaids and groomsmen, most of whom were classmates, and nearly 100 guests.

According to Roulet, a would-be bridesmaid has been spending her summer in Italy, and cheered them on via a Facebook Live video the history teacher took while they exchanged vows.

Fittingly, the pair were married in the same place they met — the Children's Hospital at Saint Francis.

The summer before their sophomore year, they were celebrating the sweet sixteen of their mutual friend, who was under treatment for leukemia at the time.

Roulet said the big event wouldn't have been possible without the help of a group of nurses, who "went way above and beyond the call of duty."

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Other members of the community were more than happy to pitch in, donating everything from decorations, to professional photos.

The history teacher even volunteered to buy silver wedding bands for the newlyweds.

"They're amazing kids," she told InsideEdition.com.

Since the wedding, Swift has regained strength, and has been moved out of the ICU. He is even looking forward to his future in radiology, while Abbi is preparing to become a nurse.

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