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How a 'House of Cards' Actress Got Charges Dropped Against Chandra Levy Suspect

In a scene right out of "House of Cards," actress Babs Proller played detective to unravel an aspect of the D.C. mystery.

An actress in Netflix’s wildly popular House Of Cards is at the center of a bombshell twist to a 15-year-old murder mystery.

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Babs Proller appeared in the hit Netflix series. The Washington Post reports that she supplied the bombshell information that led prosecutors to drop all charges against the man serving a 60-year sentence for the murder of Washington intern Chandra Levy.

Reporter Keith Alexander co-wrote the story. He told Inside Edition: "This is a gigantic bombshell. This actress who had a 10-second role in House of Cards meets a star witness in one of the nation’s most celebrated murder cases."

When the actress moved into a Maryland apartment earlier in July, she began secretly recording conversations with a man who befriended her named Armando Morales.

He is a five-time convicted felon who was the star witness in the Chandra Levy murder trial.

According to Alexander, in one caught on tape conversation, he admitted lying when he testified that Levy’s convicted killer had confessed to the murder when the two were in prison together.

"She also tried to have a relationship with him, then recorded their conversation," Alexander told Inside Edition. 

Proller says she went to Chandra Levy's mother, Susan, with the shocking tape. The surprised mother contacted prosecutors who dropped the charges.

Proller's lawyer says in a statement to Inside Edition: “She did this because she believed then, and believes now, that it was the right thing to do.”

Chandra Levy was a 24-year-old Washington, D.C., intern who disappeared while jogging in May 2001. Her body was found in a park a year later.

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It was revealed she had an affair with married congressman Gary Condit. He denied he had anything to do with the murder.

Condit's lawyer says in a statement: “The failure of authorities to bring formal closure to this tragedy after 15 years is very disappointing but in no way alters the fact that Mr. Condit was long ago completely exonerated by authorities in connection with Ms. Levy's death.”

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