Daredevil With No Parachute Survives 25,000 Foot Leap From Plane Into Net

Luke Aikins made history Saturday when he traded a parachute for a net in order to survive a skydive.

A daredevil made history in California this weekend when he traded a parachute for a net in order to survive a 25,000 foot jump from a plane.

Luke Aikins spent two years preparing for the jump he made in Simi Valley into a 100-by-100-foot net.

On Saturday, he put his plan into action as his wife and four-year-old son watched nervously below as he plummeted from the sky.

At the lifelong skydiver's side were three other jumpers with parachutes. While those black-clad companions pulled their ripcords and slowed their roaring descents to a slow drift, Aikins plunged on.

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Video of the jump was taken without knowing, of course, whether the never-before attempted stunt would end in tragedy or victory.

To the relief of everyone, Aikins nailed it.

For a brief moment, he laid motionless in the net, apparently numb from the rush of his success. Aikins then jumped up and hugged his wife, Monica.

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The 42-year-old made his first tandem jump at the age of 12 and his first solo jump four years later. Both his father and grandfather were skydivers.

Aikins makes hundreds of jumps every year, but this record-breaking leap will likely be the most memorable.

"I mean I'm almost levitating, it's incredible. That this thing just happened. I mean, the words I want to say I can't even get the words out of my mouth. It was, all these guys, everybody who made this thing happened. Stride Gum wrapping me up, helping me do this, it is awesome," Aikins said.

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