IBM "Watson" Computer Challenges Humans at Jeopardy

It's man vs. machine on Jeopardy when two champions from the show battle their wits against a super computer. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's Man vs. Machine. The all time greatest Jeopardy champs take on IBM's supercomputer!!

Ken Jennings, who won a record 74 Jeopardy games back in 2004 and Brad Rutter who won more than $3 million dollars on the show, are pitting their mega minds against a new IBM computer named Watson.

Watson is the size of 5 refrigerators and can understand human language. It can even push a buzzer!

Jennings says, "It's a very good Jeopardy player but I have played very good Jeopardy players and it seems like it can be beat."

Alex Trebek says,  "Ken and Brad have demonstrated in the past how good they are. Watson has had a number of practice sessions in which it has demonstrated how good it is. I'm looking forward to a very close match."

The Man vs. Machine match airs the week of February 14th.

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