Woman Abandoned at Phone Booth as a Baby Reunites With Man Who Saved Her, 22 Years Later

Joe Campbell, 52, said he sent her birthday cards and presents for the next 7 years, until social services asked him to cut all contact.

This London woman was abandoned in a phone booth just hours after she was born, and 22 years later, she has reunited with the man who found her and likely saved her life.

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Kiran Sheik, 22, said she was 8 when she realized she was adopted.

She said for a period, she felt "lost and confused," but immediately began looking for her biological family, determined to find more about who they were. 

Over the years, she discovered her mother — whom she was told she looks and acts like — gave birth in a bathroom in their home at about midnight, on April 30, 1994.

"She was a great mother until my father started getting more and more abusive," she told InsideEdition.com.

Her mother clothed the newborn, wrapped her in a blanket and put her inside a nearby telephone booth.

"She called a local charity to come and get me," Sheik said. "They did not."

Sheik said she was inside the telephone booth alone for two hours, until a man came in the middle of the night to call his parents in Guyana.

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When he saw the abandoned baby, he called the police. He then lost touch with Sheik but he never forgot her.

Sheik later learned that the man, Joe Campbell, had been sending her birthday presents and cards every year for the next 7 years, until social services asked him to stop.

Sheik also had no luck trying to find the man, until she recently appealed to local media to help reconnect her him.

Sheik asked the local press to post an appeal to her savior, and Campbell, now 52, said a colleague showed him the story.

Last week, Metro UK, a London newspaper, was able to reunite them.

In their reunion, Sheik and Campbell discovered they had both remained in London — living only an hour away from each other.

Since the last time they saw each other, Sheik is now a mom of a 2-year-old herself.

Campbell, who was unable to adopt Sheik because he was unmarried at the time, has since had five children of his own with his wife Ursula, 49.

According to Metro UK, Campbell plans to introduce his children to Sheik, whom he refers to as his "adopted daughter."

Sheik called the reunion "surreal." She said they have planned to meet weekly in the future.

Through her journey, Sheik said she also discovered she has seven siblings — six of whom she met. One of them is a sister, Zoe, who was also adopted and living in Florida.

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Sheik also said she learned her biological father is currently in prison in Canada for attempted murder. Though she has not reached out to him, Sheik said she does want to meet him one day.

But Sheik has been unable to track down her mother, and has intensified her search with help from her supporters on GoFundMe.

"I wish she does contact me," Sheik said. "Without her, I will forever have a part of me missing."

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