Son of a Gun: Bristol Palin Took Her 7-Year-Old Boy Shooting to 'Teach Them Young'

The mom of 2 is pro-gun.

Bristol Palin practiced her right to bear arms over the weekend by allowing her 7-year-old son Tripp to pull a trigger.

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The 25-year-old mother of 2, a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment, marked the mommy and me marksmanship lesson with an Instagram post. 

In the photo, Palin and her son are wearing protective gear for their ears and eyes as he points a small gun in a wooded area.

Reaction was strong and swift, with many disagreeing with the Alaska mother’s decision.

"So dumb," wrote one person.

"These people make babies," said another outraged follower. 

Others defended Palin.

"All Grown Up," wrote follower wrote. 

Another posted: 'love this pic! Great experiences for little guys too! People will hate no matter what and unfortunately the haters aren't open minded enough to actually see that you're a very responsible mom! I'm truly disgusted of how people will comment so negatively on your picture especially when there is nothing wrong with it and there anyone being hurt by it! People are so hyper sensitive and need to get over it and move on if they don't agree!" 

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Last week, the outspoken pro-gun advocate was selling sweatshirts on her Instagram page displaying her three core beliefs. The sweatshirt illustrated religion, gun ownership and being pro-life.

Last week, Palin’s husband, 28-year-old Dakota Meyer, a veteran, took to Instagram to express why carrying a firearm is important to him.

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